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Termed "double sided tape," this has the sticky stuff on both sides and is used to attach lightweight items that will later be screwed into place. It is more for alignment and ease of final installment than for permanent installation when used in the electrical industry.



Attach wiring devices to this and then this attaches to 4/5" box. Many combos.

Exposed Work Cover Image



An adaptor used to affix a lighting fixture directly to an electric box when the fixture and electrical box mounting holes do not line up, (see also 'Fixture Bar').

Spider Plate Image



As its name suggests, the "No-Bolt" fixture stud is used without bolting the stud to the bottom of the box. You just insert the 3/8" or 1/2" stud into the back of the box and tighten down the locknut. This design gives you a strong fixture support without taking space from inside the box.

Noboltstud Image



When a ceiling fixture or fan is removed and another device is not put in its place, the box can be blanked-up with either a steel blank or a more decorative blankup canopy. The canopy is painted white and is available in 4" and 5" sizes.

Blankup Canopy Image



Tests the condition of wire insulation and the presence of shorts.

Megohmeter® Image



A metal blank that is put temporarily inside a bushing and screwed onto the end of a conduit run. By doing this, dirt, plaster, nails, etc. are kept out of the conduit system during construction. When connecting to complete the installation, the penny comes out and you re-use the bushing. Today, it is made in metal but it used to be available in paper and wood. Also known as "push penny" and was usually made out of thin cardboard.

Penny Image


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