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Used to cap-off pipe w/o a bushing or close a knock-out. Various sizes. Plastic.

Push Penny Image



Mounting switch boxes in beaverboard, sheetrock or other drywall.



Pulled through conduit just after the brush and just before the cable is pulled to spread a coat of wire lubricant on the inside of the conduit. It comes in sizes from 2" through 6"



A cartridge fuse found in amperage sizes 60amp or lower. This group also includes midget, glass and ceramic fuses with the exception being that these fuses are used for electronic devices. If you are asked for a cartridge safety switch, it refers to a 60 or 30amp switch. The item code shown below is a reference to one type of fuse and isn't an indication at all of what the customer wants. You need to know amperage, voltage, UL Class, interrupting rating and most importantly, application.

Ferrule Fuse Image



Used for telephone installations. A hole in the bit end assists in wire pulling.

Bell Hanger Bit Image



Cover to adapt 4" or 5" boxes to accept a wiring device. Wall plate added later, (see also 'Square Device Box'; 'Combination Box Cover').

Mulberry Plate Image



Connects and separates two boxes while building a raceway between them.

Back to Back Connector Image


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