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Cover to adapt 4" or 5" boxes to accept a wiring device. Wall plate added later, (see also 'Square Device Box'; 'Combination Box Cover').

Mulberry Plate Image



Notched steel heavy duty fixture locknut 3/8" for heavy fixtures.

Fixture Locknut HD Image



A short 90 degree, threaded, male to female, ridgid elbow available in short or long without a cover

Street Elbow Image



A multi-bladed anchor set into a hole dug in the earth. It expands to form a cone shaped square in either 6” or 8” sizes. When covered by the earth, it supports the Anchor Rod through the compression of the earth above it. Reinforcing ribs provide strength to the blades which are capable of handling extremely heavy loads.

Expanding Anchor Image



A connector that facilitates connecting transformers, switches, sectionalizing cabinets and junctions to underground cables when there is no electrical load, (see also 'Deadbreak Elbow').

Deadbreak Elbow Image



A bit that lets you cut multiple pre-set hole sizes in a single bit. Their self-starting tips means that you don’t need to center punch the hole prior to drilling. They are made from high grade steel and are ideal for cutting through thin metals like steel, copper, brass and aluminum. Because there is only one cutting edge, step-bits produce consistently round holes that are de-burred as they are drilled.

Kwik Step Bit® Image



Refers to the insulating covers used for multiple tap connectors, parallel taps, T-taps, etc. The cover snaps over the connection and this quick installation saves the labor involved in the taping and insulating process.

Hug A Bug Image


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