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A receptacle located at the top of vertical conduit, referred to as a mast, where overhead conductors enter a residence.

Mast Kit Image



Nails to wood stud where cable passes through to protect wire & plumbing pipe from nails driven into the wall sometime in the future, (see also 'Stud Plate'; 'Safety Plate'; 'Cable Protector').

Safety Plate Image



This is a plastic bushing used inside the enclosure to insulate the end of rigid conduit. Comes in sizes from 1/2" to 6" and are generally rated to 105°. The bushing to insulate the wires coming out of the conduit is the BB bushing.

A-Bushing Image



A nylon multi-pocket bag that fits over 5gal bucket to turn it into a tool bag.

Bucket Bag Image



This 50amp receptacle is used for electric kitchen ranges.

Range Receptacle Image



Sleeve type heavy-duty anchor that comes with a variety of head types. The installation base does not have to be solid like is necessary for the Wedge Type Anchor. Can be used in concrete, brick, block or stone.

Lok Bolt Image



Originally invented by Anaconda in 1947, Sealtite® is the Trade name for flexible, liquid-tight conduit. It can be found in applications as mundane as an air conditioning whip all the way to nuclear power plants. In its many forms, it is essentially a flexible metal core (much like Greenfield) covered by a moisture resistant covering. The typical construction for general use in electrical construction is a crush resistant core made from high-grade galvanized steel with smooth bore for easy wire fishing. The PVC jacket covers the core to provide protection from moisture, dirt, and abrasion. This product can also be ordered in a low smoke, low toxic version for Transit Authority work.

Liquid Tight Conduit Image


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