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This 50amp receptacle is used for electric kitchen ranges.

Range Recepticle Image



A lamp socket with 2-leads right or left hand base for temporary lighting.



The term MONEL® is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation for an alloy they manufacture for a wide range of industries such as fishing, industrial, etc. The electrical trade uses the word MONEL Wire to refer to a #18 (.018 diameter) tie wire used in circumstances requiring a high resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Applications include Water Pollution plants, Transit Authority and industrial applications with exposure to various gases, salt water, etc. Monel itself was invented in 1905 as a high tensile strength nickel-copper alloy.

Monel® Image



Split bolt connector used to mechanically join two or more wires together.

Servit® Image



Basket type pulling grip where wire mesh tightens over wire when pulled.

Mesh Grip Image



Nails to wood stud where cable passes through to protect wire & plumbing pipe from nails driven into the wall sometime in the future, (see also 'Stud Plate'; 'Safety Plate'; 'Cable Protector').

Safety Plate Image



Nylon rope blown, shot, or snaked into conduit to pull wire or a bigger pull line.

Jet Shots Image



A device used to locate faults in cables underground. This device uses a high voltage discharge to produce an audible thump where the fault exists. The thump is caused by the discharge exiting into the ground. The device is typically self-contained as a portable device that can be used out in the field, (see also, 'Thumper"; 'Surge Generator'; 'Banger').

Surge Generator Image


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