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Plastic drywall anchor.

Bantam Plug Image



Connects and separates two boxes while building a raceway between them.

Box Spacer Image



Bender Follow Bar.



This is an insulated throat metal bushing that when used in conjunction with a locknut, affixes GAL or IMC to a metal enclosure and provides abrasion protection to the wire insulation. It comes in die-cast or malleable iron with a plastic insulator.

Mib Image



Tests the condition of wire insulation and the presence of shorts.

Megger Image



The steel conduit hanger is used to secure 1/2" to 4" rigid (GAL) or EMT conduit to some type of support using the hole on top of the hanger. Typically, the pipe is suspended from strut or directly from the concrete using a piece of threaded rod but the hanger is also used to attach conduit directly to an insulator or some other surface. Manufactured by Steel City, Erico (Caddy), Bridgeport and others; the hanger is available with or without the lower bolt and nut. Originally invented by Minneralac in 1904 as the Standard Conduit Hanger.

"I hit my head on another pain hanger."

Mae West Image



Nails to wood stud where cable passes through to protect wire & plumbing pipe from nails driven into the wall sometime in the future, (see also 'Stud Plate'; 'Safety Plate'; 'Cable Protector').

Safety Plate Image


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