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The service wedge clamp provides a mechanical strain relief for self-supporting drop wire. It gets attached or wedged to the support wire on incoming utility ACSR, Aluminum or AAAC conductors which typically range from #6 to 4/0. This fitting protects the cable from breaking under adverse weather conditions and is a convenient device to support the cable while the drop portion is cut to size. They are available from several suppliers such as Blackburn, Madison, and Porcelain Products with different part numbers depending upon the wire type and size.

Wedge Clamp Image



Termed "double sided tape," this has the sticky stuff on both sides and is used to attach lightweight items that will later be screwed into place. It is more for alignment and ease of final installment than for permanent installation when used in the electrical industry.



Attach wiring devices to this and then this attaches to 4/5" box. Many combos.

Mulbery Cover Image



Holds gem box in sheetrock by offering counter pressure to the box ears.

Box Cleats Image



A large pry-bar used for a variety of purposes ranging from persuading the large heavy object to move a few inches, to pulling spikes to stripping construction materials during demolition.

Ford Tool Image



A receptacle located at the top of vertical conduit, referred to as a mast, where overhead conductors enter a residence.

Mast Kit Image



A 6' a hard-wood folding ruler painted yellow with the measurement markings in black. The extension part is a metal (brass) piece that slides out from the first leg of the ruler and extends 6" to aid in making inside or hard to reach measurements. While the "Slipstick" term is normally associated with the slide rules of the pre-calculator age, the term Slipstick refers to the sliding metal extension on the folding ruler.

Slipstick Image



These fittings range from 1/2" to 6" and are used to connect threaded rigid conduit to a threadless knockout in either an indoor or an outdoor location. They are called Myers Hubs because Myers was the first company to manufacture the watertight hub and despite being part of the Crouse Hinds/Cooper organization, the trade still calls them Myers Hubs. Don't get confused if someone calls for a female Myers hub because the female refers to the fact that all Myers hubs are female. The NEC requires that this device positively bond the conduit to the enclosure.

Myers® Hubs Image


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