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There are two types of hand operated benders: hickeys and hand benders. While both are usually iron, hand benders are also offered in aluminum. The real difference between them is the size of the head. Hickeys are 60% smaller then benders allowing the user to make very tight bends close together. As a rule of thumb, you would use a hand bender the majority of the time and save the hickey for when you have to make a number of very tight bends that a hand bender simply couldn’t do. Hand benders, however, have the advantage in that they have degree scales and bending indicators etched on the side to aid in the bending process.

Hickey - Conduit Image



30" 16/3 SJT cord spliced into a temporary light circuit for a local outlet.



Swivel ball that attaches to steel fish tape. Prevents wire damage during pull.

Fish Tape Ball Image



A short 90 degree, threaded, male to female, ridgid elbow available in short or long without a cover

Telephone Elbow Image



A nylon or leather belt with hooks to support a heavily laden tool belt.



You use this anchor when you want to attach a machine screw to concrete, block or brick. Sizes from 6/30 to 3/4".

Machine Screw Anchor Image



A flexible package consisting of an armor jacket wrapped around wire conductors forming an easily installable wiring system. Similar to MC, AC has an overall Mylar wrapping over all the wires to provide protection and therefore doesn't require the use of Anti-Short Bushings.

Ac Image


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