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Water tight cast iron floor box in round or multi-gang rectangular.

Cast Floor Box Image



Swivel ball that attaches to steel fish tape. Prevents wire damage during pull.

Fish Tape Ball Image



When you want to extend an Edison base lamp out from the socket, the porcelain socket extender is an ideal choice.



These devices detect the presence of voltage without direct contact with the wire. One style (Greenlee 1010 or Fluke 1ACA1) looks like a pen and you touch the tip to a possible power source such as a wire or outlet and if the tip glows red, you know there is some level of voltage present. An upgraded version of the Greenlee 1010 Volt Tick called the 1112 includes a flashlight. The other style is an audible detector that chirps as you get closer to the load, detects a higher and lower voltage range, detects both hot & neutral, and detects if breakers are powered.

Proximity Detector Image



Large grooved joint pliers with right angle teeth for excellent holding ability.

Pump Plier Image



An adaptor used to affix a lighting fixture directly to an electric box when the fixture and electrical box mounting holes do not line up, (see also 'Fixture Bar').

Bracket Bar Image



Typically though of as the goo used in compression and split-bolt connections where aluminum wire is used, the PENETROX product is an oxide-inhibiting grease designed to create an air-tight and moisture resistant joint. The goal is to prevent the oxidation or corrosion of the metal products used in the electrical connection. Depending upon the type of metals found in the joint, you would use a specific version of the product containing suspended particles designed for that metal. Type "A" contains Copper particles and is used for Aluminum to Copper or Aluminum to Conduit (Steel). Type "B" contains Zinc particles and is used where the metals are all aluminum. It has found favor in a number of industries, such as Ham Radio operators, where the grease acts as a lubricant for threaded connections and reduces the chance of them seizing down the road.

Penatrox Image


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