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Conduit elbows are available for EMT, RIGID, PVC COATED GALVANIZED, FIBERGLASS and PVC. The standard elbows come in 90 degree and 45 degree but a wide range of bends and radiuses are available. In general, the customer ordering a PREFAB 45 is looking for a 45 degree elbow and you have to ask what kind of conduit it is being connected to.

Sweep Image



A tie stick.

Alligator Knob Image



A large pry-bar used for a variety of purposes ranging from persuading the large heavy object to move a few inches, to pulling spikes to stripping construction materials during demolition.

Persuader Screwdriver Image



Provides abrasion protection in wire and cable splices.

Friction Tape Image



Pulled through conduit just after the brush and just before the cable is pulled to spread a coat of wire lubricant on the inside of the conduit. It comes in sizes from 2" through 6"



The device that a power blower shoots through a conduit system when fishing the initial line. It typically has a hard plastic core with a flexible foam body that fits a specific pipe size. It comes in 1/2" through 6" conduit sizes and has a loop at both ends to attach the fish line.

Piston Image



This octagon box often gets confused with the mud rings or mud boxes because it has the same shape and bottom studs, but it is for a hung ceiling and doesn't get buried by the concrete. The fixture bars that support it are wired into the lathers channel.

Mud Box Image


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