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The device that a power blower shoots through a conduit system when fishing the initial line. It typically has a hard plastic core with a flexible foam body that fits a specific pipe size. It comes in 1/2" through 6" conduit sizes and has a loop at both ends to attach the fish line.

Mouse Image



Metal box, usually 2" - 3-1/2" deep with various mounting from ears, nail-on, to masonry

Gem Box Image



Lampholder that uses 12G Circuit Wire to Power & Suspend bulb from the air.

Festoon Socket Image



When sprayed on ferrous metal, it prevents it from oxidizing. Composed mainly of zinc, is used to galvanize bare metal or to touch-up hot dipped galvanized fittings & pipes.

Cold Galvanize Image



This is an attachment for an existing bender set that allows the user to make offset bends from 0" to 3" in 1/2" and 3/4" conduit in one motion. It reams both the inside and the outside of the conduit at the same time which is necessary to comply with NEC 348-11. The term 'No-Dog' comes from the term 'Dog Leg' which is a kink in the conduit. So a No-Dog bend is a bend where the conduit doesn't get bent.

No-Dog Bender® Image



Used to support nonmetallic sheathed cable (RX) or MC/AC cable on wood or metal studs. Available in 4 styles for Wood, Metal Stud or Furring Strip/Hat Channel. Used to get compliance with NEC for Metal Stud Use.

Use a CJ to support that MC cable.

Colorado Jim® Cable Support Image



The strut used to hang acoustical tile is called Black iron. This is the "C" shaped, 1-1/2" black strut that is bolted to the concrete deck or wooden beams using CADDY® hangers to create a secure mounting point for the grid ceiling runners. When looking-up fittings for black iron, most catalogs, such as CADDY®, use the term Lathers Channel.

Black Iron Image


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