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Converts single receptacle opening to 3 openings in a wide brick shaped device

Table Tap Image



A nylon or leather belt with hooks to support a heavily laden tool belt.



An adaptor used to affix a lighting fixture directly to an electric box when the fixture and electrical box mounting holes do not line up, (see also 'Fixture Bar').

Spider Plate Image



Officially called a Lay-In Fixture Support Clip, it is used to support lay-in fixtures to the ceiling grid so they can withstand a shock such as a hurricane or earthquake.

Earthquake Clip Image



This product has been around since the beginning days of conduit and is used to secure the flexible or EMT conduit to the wall surface. According to their website "Founded in 1894, Minerallac developed and patented many of the most common parts used in electrical construction today. This includes the Standard Conduit Hanger in 1904 and the one-hole strap "Jiffy Clip" in 1913." Of unique interest is the Minerallac "Duplex" Jiffy Clip which looked like an M and held down two pieces of BX, Copper plumbing tubing, Greenfield, EMT, etc parallel to each other.

Jiffy Clip: Strap Image



Lampholder that uses 12G Circuit Wire to Power & Suspend bulb from the air.

Festoon Socket Image



This is an 8-1/2" deep sleeve that is put into place by the electrician prior to the concrete being poured and it comes in varying widths. After the concrete sets, conduit is run through the sleeve to run risers from deck to deck. If a pour is deeper than 8-1/2", then the user will use two or more stacked together to do the job. They are made from a slippery plastic and are usually a forest green color. You would order them in sizes from 1-1/2" through 6". A 4" Crete sleeve would allow a 3" pipe to fit inside.

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